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Relocating to a foreign country whether to work or start a business can be an overwhelming experience without the knowledge necessary to understand the legal immigration requirements imposed by the country, visa restrictions on length of stay, restrictions on the purchase or sale of real property, driving restrictions/regulations to name a few.

If one is relocating to a foreign country with a large multi-national firm, it is likely the firm will already employ one or more international relocation companies that specialize in expatriation and repatriation matters. In the event your employer doesn’t have experience with international relocations or you are relocating as an individual then you may want to select a firm specializing in international location to assist with the move. International relocation companies typically provide advice and/or handle matters such as:

  • Visa requirements and residency
  • Registration with the United States Embassy
  • Work permits required and necessary documentation such as school degrees, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees if applicable
  • Assistance with a trailing spouse obtaining employment
  • Foreign language schools
  • International schools for children, requirements and availability
  • Renting, leasing or purchasing of a residence. Restrictions vary by country and certain residency requirements may need to be met before one can purchase real property
  • Renting, leasing or purchasing automobiles
  • Establishing bank accounts
  • Establishing utility service
  • Acquiring automobile insurance
  • Acquiring homeowner and/or property insurance
  • Pet restrictions and quarantine requirements
  • International moving companies and the transportation of household goods
  • Transportation of pets
  • Appliances and electrical devices
  • Healthcare and medical insurance
  • Emergency evacuation for health related matters
  • Emergency evacuation due to unrest within the country
  • Other pertinent relocation matters

If you have questions of a general nature, please feel free to email us at info@myexecutiveresources.com . We’ll provide an answer or help point you toward someone who can help with your question.


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